Black Friday - Cyber Monday OFFERS

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday OFFERS: Save up to 70%

Cyber Week Dedicated Servers and VPS:

Country Dedicated Server / VPS CPU Memory Default Drive(s) Bandwidth Monthly
Dedicated Server Intel Core i7 3770 16 GB RAM 240 GB SSD 15TB @ 100 Mbits € 39,99
Dedicated Server AMD Opteron 3365 16 GB RAM 2x 1 TB HDD 10 TB @ 100 Mbits € 24,99
Windows VPS 1x vCore 2 GB RAM 50 GB SSD 1 TB @ 1000 Mbits € 19,99
Linux VPS 10x vCore 32 GB RAM 960 GB SAS HDD 50 TB @ 1000 Mbits € 29,99
Linux VPS 1x vCore 256 MB RAM 50 GB HDD 1 TB @ 100 Mbits € 2,49

The Best Features At The Best Price!


We accept a lot of payment methods and also anonymous payment methods are available: We accept Bitcoin, Paysafecard, EGOPay, Paypal, Bank-Wire
On each location theres a lot of OS available: Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora and Windows OS is also available for a small monhtly Fee
Most or ouf Services can be ordered from month to month. We have customer friendly monthly contract length. Only some Promotion Offers have longer contact length, because this offers are realy exclusive and cheap

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