BLACK FRIDAY Prepaid Promotion

    add Funds and receive a Bonus up to 40%


    Our Prepaid Promotion for the Black Friday Week 2022:

    Funds addedBonus(Percent)Bonus amountTotal Credit Balance
    100 Euro10%10 EuroYou receive 110 Euro Credit Balance
    250 Euro15%37,50 EuroYou receive 287,50 Euro Credit Balance
    500 Euro20%100 EuroYou receive 600 Euro Credit Balance
    1000 Euro25%250 EuroYou receive 1250 Euro Credit Balance
    2000 Euro30%600 EuroYou Receive 2600Euro Credit Balance
    5000 Euro40%2000 EuroYou Receive 7000 Euro Credit Balance

    The Best Features At The Best Price!


    Promotion Terms: the Promotion starts on 18/11/2022 and ends on 24/11/2022. Each Customer can use the Promotion 10% to 25% Bonus TWO TIMES. The 30% and 40% Bonus can only applied one Time to any customer. The additional Credit Balance (Bonus) would be added after 3 Days.

    The following payment methods are eligible for the promotion: Cryptocurrencies (BCH, BTC, LTC, XMR,ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI), Bank-Wire, Paysafecard.

    Payment with Paypal are only eligible for the Promotion on request for existing customers.

    Ask our Promotion Team before, if you have some questions

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